viernes, 20 de julio de 2012


El nuovo concept de Pablo Carlodalatri para ecos será publicado en 2013

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2008

Sun is Energy

ECOS opens her wings on quiet waters to get sun energy. She is as natural and beautiful as a colibrí. Her shape varies day and night. The sliding like-wing vessel system carries the photovoltaic cell arrays and an airbag on the top (to prevent capsizing by any sudden strong gust).

Always recharging batteries

ECOS sleeps in the night, with LED continuous deck lighting on. Turbines are at work underwater to recharge batteries arrays. On board machinery is at work to depurate and recycle any waste. Nothing from catamaran will contaminate air,water and land. Her zero cost technology brings beauty and harmony everywhere.

Wind is Energy

Wind was and will be a primary energy source: on ECOS we have two windmills of new and innovative design. They are an evolution of Savonius mechanism: it was also analyzed the Darrieus windmill. The rigid wing, bolted to a toothed wheel, rotates and gives a continuously renewing shape to ECOS.

In water life

Underwater, over water, into water, in oceans, rivers, lakes, in breeze, wind, hurricane, floating and diving. ECOS will navigate forever, since she fulfils her needs of energy in sustainable way. The mechanical design of an array of different innovative devices is the secret pattern of this new stunning form.